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Copyright © 2023 ParaMorph, All rights reserved. Powered by Al Kheout Digital Marketing Co.

Copyright © 2023 ParaMorph, All rights reserved. Powered by Al Kheout Digital Marketing Co.


Architectural Graduate

Simran Kaur, a talented architect with a Bachelor of Architecture Design and an International Baccalaureate certification. Simran’s passion for architecture was ignited by its profound impact on people’s daily lives, combined with her innate love for design and creativity. Her ultimate goal is to craft spaces that bring joy and comfort to those who inhabit them, making architecture a truly fulfilling profession for her.

Excitement flows through Simran as she envisions various projects, but she finds designing restaurants particularly captivating. The prospect of creating spaces where people can indulge in delightful culinary experiences fills her with enthusiasm .

When not immersed in the world of architecture, Simran enjoys a variety of hobbies. From staying fit with weightlifting and kickboxing to expressing her creativity through drawing, she finds pleasure in every pursuit. Additionally, she cherishes spending quality time with her family and exploring new foods and restaurants to satisfy her adventurous palate.

At the ParaMorph office, Simran finds a perfect blend of factors that make it an inspiring workplace. The camaraderie among colleagues, the vibrant office space, and the continuous learning opportunities contribute to her professional growth.

Speaking of family, Simran shares a close bond with her two older brothers, both born in Germany. Together, they run a family restaurant called Kings Head Public House in Kits, adding a sense of togetherness and shared passion to their lives.

Beyond her architectural pursuits, Simran is deeply passionate about social causes. She actively advocates for affordable housing in Vancouver, recognizing the urgency of addressing the housing crisis and the increasing number of homeless individuals. Additionally, Simran focuses on climate change, embracing her role as an architect to contribute to sustainable and energy efficient building solutions that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Simran Kaur epitomizes a dedicated architect with a fervent drive to create spaces that enrich people’s lives. With her diverse interests, close knit family ties, and commitment to social causes, she embodies the values of compassion, creativity, and making a positive impact on the world through her architectural endeavors.



Humar Resource Manager

Pranjali Pradhan, a multi talented professional with an impressive array of qualifications, including Human Resource Management, Cognitive Neuropsychology, Life Coaching, Clinical hypnotherapy, and Counseling. With experience spanning across 3 continents as a neuropsychologist, Pranjali’s deep understanding of human behavior drew her to the field of HR, where she thrives in creating positive and supportive work environments that bring out the best in individuals and teams.

Beyond her career, Pranjali finds joy in artistic expression through painting and exploring new worlds through reading. These hobbies provide her with a sense of balance and fulfillment amidst her busy life.

At the PMA office, Pranjali’s favorite aspect is freedom of creativity. The inclusive and supportive work culture allows her to embrace her individuality, fostering imagination and growth in her endeavors.

Outside of work, Pranjali treasures her time with family. She resides in the breathtaking landscapes of British Columbia, where she enjoys life with her husband and 8 year-old son.

Pranjali’s passions extend beyond her professional and personal life. She is a staunch advocate for various social causes, including children’s mental health, Autism awareness, and the fight for food accessibility for all. Through her dedication to these causes, Pranjali strives to make a positive impact in the lives of those she touches.

With her diverse skill set, compassionate nature, and dedication to social causes, Pranjali Pradhan exemplifies a well-rounded individual whose journey in HR and beyond continues to inspire and uplift those around her.


Architectural Graduate

Prabhsimran Singh, an accomplished Architecture Technician with a diverse educational background. He holds a postgraduate degree in Construction Project Management from Lambton College, Toronto, and graduated with a Diploma and Bachelor’s degree in architecture from Lovely Professional University in India. Passionate about design, creativity, and the transformative power of the built environment, Prabhsimran chose architecture as a career path that blends artistic expression with problem-solving skills. He finds fulfillment in shaping functional, visually appealing, and impactful spaces, with a special focus on sustainable and eco-friendly designs. Innovative and futuristic projects that incorporate advanced technologies and push design boundaries particularly excite him.

Outside of his architectural endeavors, Prabhsimran enjoys a variety of hobbies that bring joy and enrichment to his life. He finds solace and inspiration in listening to music and indulging in movies, which offer him a multitude of stories and characters to connect with. His sense of adventure leads him to explore new places through travel and hiking, connecting with nature while staying fit.

At the ParaMorph office, Prabhsimran cherishes the supportive and friendly atmosphere fostered by the entire team. The spirit of teamwork among colleagues exemplifies the true meaning of collaboration, allowing them to work together seamlessly. The diverse range of projects at PMA, including mixed-use developments, multi-family apartments, townhouses, resorts, and high rise buildings, excites him as it constantly presents new challenges and opportunities for innovation and learning.

Committed to social causes, Prabhsimran firmly believes in promoting equality and breaking barriers of caste, religion, color, and practices. Moreover, given his background in architecture and construction, he takes an active interest in researching and implementing sustainable building practices to minimize the impact on the environment. His dedication to creating environmentally conscious structures reflects his deep sense of responsibility towards the planet.



Architectural Technician

Camilo Gil, is a talented individual with a Bachelor’s in Architecture and Urban Planning. Camilo’s passion for architecture stemmed from a captivating blend of subjects he admired, including History, Art, and Math. During his academic journey, he discovered a profound interest in creating projects that catered to specific needs. Understanding that architecture serves real people, Camilo embraces the challenge of finding solutions that harmonize various artistic and practical perspectives.

Beyond the world of architecture, Camilo finds solace and creative expression in photography. Taking long walks and capturing moments through his lens brings him immense joy. At the ParaMorph office, Camilo’s favorite aspects lie in the culture and vibrant energy that pervade the workspace. The collaborative and dynamic atmosphere fosters innovation and inspires his architectural endeavors. In his personal life, Camilo shares a loving bond with his family, which includes an older sister, caring parents, and two adorable dogs.

While Camilo passion for architecture is evident, his broader interests extend to social causes. He is deeply committed to advocating for good quality public spaces in the city. Camilo believes that access to well-designed plazas, parks, and various leisure spaces is not only vital for a city’s appeal but also significantly beneficial for the well-being of its residents. Camilo Gil embodies a passionate architect and creative photographer, whose dedication to design excellence and love for his family and pets make him an exceptional individual. His commitment to enhancing public spaces reflects a caring and socially conscious outlook, making him an asset to any architectural project he undertakes.



Intern Architect

Sonal is an Intern Interior Architect AIBC, holding a master’s degree in interior design from Manchester Metropolitan University in Manchester, as well as a bachelor’s degree in architecture from Chitkara School of Planning and Architecture in India.

Since a young age, Sonal has been captivated by the world of architecture, drawing inspiration from her upbringing in Chandigarh, famously known as “The City Beautiful,” which was masterfully designed by the renowned architect Le Corbusier. Every architectural marvel Sonal encountered fueled her passion for the field and solidified her dedication to creating exceptional spaces.

One of the aspects that Sonal  greatly appreciates about her involvement with the DEA office is the continuous learning environment it offers. The office serves as a temple of knowledge, embracing a collaborative “Let’s Do It Together” work culture. With a roll-up-your-sleeves attitude, Sonal and her colleagues motivate and encourage one another, striving to bring out the best in their collective efforts.

In addition to her professional pursuits, Sonal is deeply passionate about social causes, with a particular focus on climate change and environmental issues. She firmly believes in the power of architecture to contribute to a sustainable future and is dedicated to raising awareness and implementing sustainable design practices.


Architectural Graduate

Gurpreet Singh Virdi is an talented architect with a Bachelors in Architecture from India and a Diploma in Sustainable Architecture from Montreal, Canada. Gurpreet’s journey into architecture was influenced by his family’s construction business, where he was actively involved in building high-rise structures. This hands-on experience sparked his fascination for design and architecture, leading him to choose this creative path.

Beyond his architectural pursuits, Gurpreet indulges in a range of hobbies that enrich his life. From engaging in sports like cricket and football to finding solace in music and sketching, he enjoys a diverse array of interests that fuel his creativity and passion.

At the PMA office, Gurpreet finds an environment that resonates with him, where learning opportunities abound. The atmosphere encourages growth and inspires him to continuously develop his skills as an architect.

In his personal life, Gurpreet’s family is based in India, continuing their construction business. His parents and younger brother contribute to the growth of the family enterprise, fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose.

Gurpreet is deeply committed to social causes that promote sustainability and environmental consciousness. He actively advocates for the Green Earth movement, supporting initiatives that champion sustainable practices and the use of solar power to minimize environmental impact.


Architectural Technician

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Project Manager, Intern Architect

Gunveet is an Intern Architect AIBC with a bachelor’s degree in architecture, bringing a boundless passion and unwavering engagement to the field. The dynamic nature of architecture continuously captivates Gunveet, ensuring that boredom is a thing of the past. The ever-changing challenges and opportunities that arise in architecture inspire and motivate him.

Working at ParaMorph Architecture provides Gunveet with invaluable opportunities for learning and growth. Surrounded by talented individuals who willingly share their knowledge and expertise, he is continually expanding his skills. The office environment encourages lighthearted moments and respects the need for solitude when required. With a deep commitment to leaving a legacy, he approaches each project with the goal of adding value and bringing about meaningful change.

In addition to architecture, Gunveet enjoys a range of hobbies that bring him joy and inspiration. Traveling allows him to immerse himself in diverse cultures and embrace new experiences. Food is a particular passion, as he savors the flavors and finds inspiration in the creativity of culinary delights. Books are a constant source of inspiration, expanding his knowledge and igniting his imagination. Furthermore, daydreaming serves as a cherished activity, fueling his creativity and keeping his ideas flowing.

Gunveet is deeply passionate about various social causes. Equality is a core value for him, irrespective of gender, religion, culture, or species. He advocates for a world where everyone is treated fairly and respectfully. Additionally, he strongly believes in the preservation and respect of nature, recognizing the need to maintain a harmonious relationship with our environment and protect it for future generations.


Architectural Graduate

Paula is a talented architectural technologist and urbanist with a strong educational background, holding a bachelor’s degree in architecture and Urbanism, as well as a master’s degree in business administration. Paula’s passion for architecture stems from her upbringing as the daughter of engineering parents. Growing up, she was immersed in the world of construction, and this, coupled with her innate desire to organize and transform spaces in a positive manner, led her to pursue a career in architecture. Today, she finds fascination in multifunctional buildings that integrate various uses within a single space. Not only do these structures offer convenience to their users, but they also help alleviate the challenges associated with transportation in large cities.

Outside of her architectural pursuits, Paula enjoys practicing Pilates. Engaging in this physical activity empowers her, leaving her feeling stronger and more flexible. One of the aspects that Paula values most about her experience at ParaMorph Architecture is the people. The friendly and helpful nature of her colleagues fosters a supportive and collaborative work environment. Their willingness to assist one another creates a positive atmosphere where ideas can flourish, and projects can thrive.

In terms of social causes, Paula is deeply passionate about promoting gender equality. She strongly believes that everyone should have equal rights, conditions, and opportunities to shape their own lives and pursue
their aspirations. Paula actively advocates for creating a world where gender does not limit an individual’s
potential or restrict their choices.


Project Manager, Intern Architect

Manika Grover, an accomplished Intern Architect AIBC with certifications including Associate Certification in Architecture and Building Design from BCIT and Bachelor of Architecture from GGSIPU India. Her journey into architecture was a natural fit, as it merged her family’s engineering and artistic background. Fascinated by the philosophy of Form follows Function, Manika finds herself drawn to all kinds of projects focused on human-centric spaces. Among them, the hospitality industry, hotels, resorts, holds a special place in her heart.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Manika leads a fulfilling life enriched by various hobbies. From expressing herself through painting, and baking, to embracing the wonders of the outdoors with hiking and biking, she finds joy in every moment. Above all, she cherishes spending quality time with her husband and kids—a boy and a girl—who bring immense happiness to her life.

At the PMA office, Manika finds a source of inspiration in the team’s collaborative approach to diverse projects. The harmonious interactions with colleagues, clients, and professionals from the city and other consultants create an enriching work environment.

Compassionate and deeply concerned about the world we live in, Manika is passionate the cause of, Save our Planet Earth, She advocates for responsible practices like recycling, reducing waste, and reusing resources to make a positive impact on the environment.

With her dedication to architecture, her zest for life, and her commitment to creating a sustainable future, Manika Grover exemplifies a professional who brings creativity, empathy, and purpose to every endeavor she undertakes. Her vision and passion for architecture are evident in her work and her contribution to the betterment of our planet.



Alex Tablada, an accomplished Associate in the field of Architecture, holding a B.Sc. degree and a Diploma in the discipline. He brings in his 33 years of expertise to PMA. Alex’s passion for architecture was ignited from a young age, as he found himself captivated by the beauty of well-designed buildings, sparking dreams of one day crafting his own architectural masterpieces and witnessing them come to life.

Outside of the world of architecture, Alex’s hobby lies in the art of photography, where he finds joy in capturing moments and scenes through his lens, turning ordinary moments into captivating memories.

In the welcoming and respectful environment of the PMA office, Alex finds solace in collaborating with friendly and courteous colleagues. The teamwork and camaraderie within the office create a positive and supportive atmosphere that inspires his architectural pursuits.

In his personal life, Alex shares his world with his beautiful wife and three children. They relish in the simple joys of life, from savoring meals at restaurants to coming together for delightful weekend BBQ gatherings, cherishing the warmth and love that family brings. Alex Tablada has a fervent passion for creative design and a keen eye for architectural beauty. With a penchant for photography and a loving family by his side, he exudes dedication both professionally and personally. His collaboration with the PMA team reflects the spirit of teamwork and mutual respect, making him an invaluable asset in the architectural realm.



Senior Architect

Raised in Vancouver, David graduated from UBC with a bachelor’s degree in Geography in 1974 before spending the balance of the 70s attending UBC’s School of Architecture, completing a semester of architectural studies abroad in Japan, and apprenticing in the field. David completed his Architecture Degree at UBC in 1979 before spending the next three years receiving his introduction to the working practice of architecture under the tutelage of two established Vancouver architectural firms.

In the fall of 1982, David launched his own private practice with Kevin Ryan, now operating jointly as Coast Architectural Group. Of like minds, they built a firm that would go on to design hundreds of buildings over the next 25+ years. This included several hotels and resorts in BC’s Okanagan which – along with many pubs, restaurants, and multi-family residences – became the speciality of the firm.

In early 2009, David Eaton Architect Inc. was born. Over the last 14 years, David has continued to lead award winning work for hospitality (hotels, breweries, wineries), residential (townhouses, apartments, single family homes, and high-rises), institutional (schools, universities, day cares, and places of worship), and commercial (mixed-use, office, and retail) settings around the province. He continues to lead a growing firm with a diverse, intergenerational team of talented and dedicated professionals keen to tackle any challenge.

David attacks every project with fresh enthusiasm and the wisdom of experience. He thrives on the collaboration of working with a skilled and intelligent team of individuals – client, consultant, contractor, and colleague – in executing a final project that stands as a testament to the strengths of all contributors.

Out of the office, David passionately enjoys tennis, golf, cycling, gardening, cooking, photography, all forms of art and design, and of course travel.



Principal Architect

Manpreet Singh, the visionary Founding Principal of ParaMorph Architecture, embodies a rich heritage steeped in the world of Building Construction. With both his grandfather and father deeply involved in commercial construction, the Art of Architecture flows in his veins. This family legacy has ingrained in him a profound understanding of and passion for the Architectural realm, making it a fundamental part of his life’s narrative.

Manpreet’s educational journey took him to LPU, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Architecture in 2010, laying the foundation for his career. It was during this formative period that Manpreet excelled in the realm of Arts and Architectural Design. This diverse skill set would later set him apart in his career, allowing him to bring a creative touch to his architectural endeavors while remaining firmly grounded in practicality.

He honed his skills and developed a unique perspective that seamlessly merged Architectural design with the nuances of the business world and founded an Architectural Firm in his hometown Jalandhar, Punjab. Manpreet successfully shaped the built environment until he decided to embark on a new chapter by immigrating to Canada in 2015. After working with esteemed companies, his journey took an exciting turn when he partnered with David Eaton Architect Inc, an esteemed Vancouver-based architectural powerhouse with a 40-year legacy. Together, they transformed into ParaMorph Architecture Inc, an entity poised for remarkable innovation.

Manpreet’s mission is to envision a better future for the people through design. He views design as an act of optimism, a way to comprehend the world, maximize opportunities, and provide appropriate solutions that elevate the human experience.

In Manpreet’s view, Architecture is an Art of problem-solving and a challenge to conventional thinking. It’s about pushing the boundaries and creating innovative solutions that will withstand the test of time.

Manpreet’s favorite design sense is Parametric Designing, which further led to the foundation of ParaMorph Architecture. Through ParaMorph Architecture, Manpreet Singh continues to shape the world around us.